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Supreme News | Friday, 22 December 2017 | 18:25 WIB

Christmas Celebration with the Supporting Groups and Distributors of PT SUCACO Tbk.

On Friday, December 22, 2017, PT Supreme Cable Manufacturing and Commerce (SUCACO) Tbk. had the chance to celebrate Christmas together. With all the supporting groups and distributors of PT SUCACO Tbk. attending the celebration, it was very lively in Daan Mogot Plant, where the event took place. The event started with songs led by Latinka Sidabutar. Everyone sang Christmas Carols played by the musicians and are amazed by the saxophonist that accompanied the assemble. Afterwards, it is continued with a sermon brought by Mr. Pramono Limanto, who reminded everyone that Christmas is not about the gifts but the endless love behind them. Closing the sermon, Latinka Sidabutar then sang a song created by the President Director of PT SUCACO Tbk., Mr. Bayu Adiwijaya Soepono. Entitled “Happy Birthday Jesus”, the song mesmerized all the attendees indeed. Then, the long-awaited performance by PT SUCACO Tbk. very own choir came. Singing two songs, it could not be denied that it is a very great performance and definitely bring joy to the room. Dinner was then served accompanied by songs and performance from supporting groups of PT SUCACO Tbk., and then closed by the President Commissioner of PT SUCACO Tbk., Mrs. Elly Soepono, with a wonderful message that left a smile on every attendees’ faces.