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Supreme News | Wednesday, 04 April 2018 | 11:05 WIB

Universitas Katolik Indonesia Atma Jaya BSD Factory Visit

JAKARTA (22/03/18) – On this occasion, one of PT Supreme Cable Manufacturing & Commerce (SUCACO) plant that is located in Daan Mogot is visited by students from mechanical engineering study program of Universitas Katolik Indonesia Atma Jaya BSD. This factory visit is held by PT SUCACO Tbk. in order to reach university students as well as partnering with universities to provide knowledge about cable manufacturing process and also the right instructions to install cable according to the General Requirements of Electrical Installation or PUIL (Persyaratan Umum Instalasi Listrik). The event started at 9 am with a group photo and continued with a welcome speech by Mr. Natan Winoto, Vice President of Human Resource Department. Afterwards, several presentations about safety induction, company profile, Medium Voltage cable production process, and the right way to connect Building Wire that is safe in both housing and work environment. The purpose of these presentations are to introduce PT SUCACO Tbk more deeply as well as educate students about the basic concept on producing cable and its proper installation. After all the presentations were given, it was time for the students to watch and learn directly at the cable manufacturing site. There were 36 participants who joined the factory visit and they were divided into 3 groups in order for the instructors to explain easily and focus-oriented in terms of all the details in every cable manufacturing process. Starting from the process of the cable itself, the standards that are used, and also the small matters that must be met in order to produce a cable that meets the specified standard and with great quality. There are 5 production sited that were visited by the participants, which are Building Wire, Fiber Optic Cable, ow Voltage Cable, Medium Voltage Cable, and High Voltage Cable. These five sites were visited by the groups alternately for two hours accompanied by their instructors, who are the company’s plant manager. Upon finishing the tour, all of the participants were then gathered in a Hall for question and answer session in which students could ask about the process that is still not understood. During the question and answer session, the MC and instructors also asked several quiz questions about cable knowledge and what had been explained during the tour. Prizes were given to five students that were able to answer the questions from the instructors that had accompanied them during the tour. The enthusiasm, high-spirited, and the excitement of the participants were kept until the end of the event which is at 1 pm. The event was ended with an exchange of souvenir between PT SUCACO Tbk. and Universitas Katolik Indonesia Atma Jaya, as well as lunch were distributed to the participants before they ride the bus back to their university. With this program, it is hoped that PT SUCACO Tbk. could provide broad insights and understanding to the university students on how to produce cable from start (raw material) to finish (quality cable) which then can be used to power electricity throughput Indonesia. Not only that, the company would also like to open opportunities for the students that would like to work together in terms of their learning process or when they have graduated to join us to build a better future for the cable industry in Indonesia.