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The duties of the Corporate Secretary include keeping abreast of the requirements set out in the regulations applicable to the capital market, providing information to the public on the condition of the Company, offering recommendations to the Board of Directors on legal and regulatory compliance, especially in regard to the capital market, and serving as a point of contact between the Company and the Indonesia Financial Services Authority (IFSA) and the public. In 2014, the position of Corporate Secretary was held by Risti Saka.

The Corporate Secretary of the Company was appointed in compliance with the provisions of Regulation of the Indonesia Financial Services Authority (IFSA) No. IX.1.4 concerning Establishment of the Corporate Secretary and decision of the Board of Directors of the Indonesia Stock Exchange No. Kep 305/BEJ/07-2004 dated July 19, 2004, number I-A. The basis for appointment of Risti Saka as Corporate Secretary of the Company is the decision of the Company Board of Directors dated June 14, 2005.