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The Whistleblower System is provided for any person wishing to report illegal acts or ethical or moral violations or other actions that may harm the interests of the Company and its stakeholders, when these actions are committed on the Company's premises by employees or management. The system is used to receive, process and follow up information and to generate reports.

Objectives of the Whistleblower System:

  1. Create a conducive atmosphere and encourage reporting of violations that may lead to financial or non-financial losses (issues that may harm the Company's image);

  2. Through use of early detection mechanism, reduce losses caused by violations.

The Company?s whistle blowing system is as follows:

Whistle blowers bring complaints to the attention of the Company via the corporate website/email address provided specifically for the whistle blowing system.

The Company protects whistle blowers in the following ways:

  1. Guarantee of anonymity for the whistle blower

  2. Guarantee of protection for the whistle blower against all forms of threat, intimidation or harassment by any party as long as the whistle blower maintains confidentiality about the alleged grievances to all other parties.
  3. Guarantee of protection for parties who conduct investigations or parties who disclose information pertaining to such complaint or disclosure from all forms of threat, intimidation or harassment by any party.

In 2018, no whistle blowing reports were received by the Company.